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Our team has been in the cannabis industry for ten years. We work with some of the largest companies in America, compiling our knowledge to design the ideal grow plan for our farmers. Our experience in this industry has provided us with the insight needed to make sure our clients have a minimal learning curve as they dive into this exciting new industry.


How Do I Get Started?

A schedule F license is needed in order to be approved for your hemp license. We
have extensive legal and licensing experience and can help with obtaining your hemp license
as well as structure for your newfound business venture.

How is Hemp Grown?

We work hand in hand with our farmers to develop a cutting edge grow plan specific
to their needs. Our company works with farmers and services providers to modify existing
equipment in order to utilize resources and keep costs low.

What are the Production Costs Compared to other Crops?

The average cost per acre is very similar to the tobacco model. We use existing
infrastructure and equipment to keep costs low, while maximizing productivity.

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