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We are currently offering 1 year contracts to farmers interested in getting involved in this exciting new industry. Demand has never been higher and people are actively getting behind this wonderful product and all of the benefits it has to offer!

What We Offer:

1. Help with obtaining a hemp license
2. FREE genetics
3. Grow Plans and Models
4. Consultation throughout season
5. Post Harvest testing to verify CBD/THC percentages
6. Product Holding Facility
7. Processing
8. Sales and Distribution


The success of our farmers is our top priority! Before seeds are put in the ground, we oversee soil testing for all of our growers. Based on the results, we will help develop an amendment strategy in order to get the most out of the soil. We also provide cannabinoid profile testing at our holding facility, as well as third party lab testing in order to guarantee accurate results.


We aim to stay ahead in a consistently changing market and strive to offer our farmers a competitive price.

We are currently offering $2.00 per percentage CBD per pound.


From seed to sale, we work hand in hand with our farmers to ensure a successful season!