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Our Grow Style


Our results driven grow style, proven by years of experience in the cannabis industry, has
resulted in our successful grow formula. We work hand in hand with our plants and
farmers to ensure a successful grow season.



Our Model

We believe in a large scale, mass quantity model in order to effectively utilize
resources and maximize yields come harvest. Minimal maintenance greatly reduces
production costs while providing a high CBD, low THC product. Our method successfully
sustains between 6,000-8,000 plants per acre and yields upwards of 2,000lbs per acre.


Why Seeds?

Whether our farmers intend to grow 1 acre or 1000, seeds have proven themselves to
be the superior, more cost effective solution in outdoor cultivation. Unlike clones, the
development of a taproot ensures a stronger, more beneficial root system. The stronger the
roots, the healthier the plant!



Once everything is harvested and dried, the raw product is stripped from the stem and ground into biomass. We estimate an organic product between 8-12% CBD, ready to be processed!