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Here at all natural things we strive to offer a complete package. We will involve ourselves even in the infancy stages of your grow year by helping you obtain your hemp licensing. We offer help from mapping your field, to filling in the blanks of where your end product will go, and everything in between. We make sure that our clients don’t have any snags on paperwork, so they can get licensed to do what they do best. Farm.

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Our genetics are tried and true! We work with the largest CBD seed distribution company in America to bring you premium genetics at an affordable rate. Our genetics have been grown in 7 states and haven’t been found on any list of state failing genetics. These genetics have tested out over 19% CBD in some greenhouse grows! They have university testing as well as state testing so you know that your seeds will be healthy and compliant for the start of your season. 

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Our team has been in the cannabis industry for ten years! We work with some of the largest companies in America compiling our knowledge to design the ideal grow plan for our farmers. With the insight in this industry we have learned over the years, we make sure to help our clients to have a minimal learning curve as they dive into this new and exciting industry

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Through our adventures in this new field we have been fortunate enough to network with some of this industries leaders. Large processing facilities are extremely excited to start making product out of some NC material. We have contracts in place to distribute your product to these ambitious companies directly from our holding facility in central North Carolina.

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