Meet The Team

Welcome to All Natural Things, aka ANT Farm. We specialize in Farming Industrial Hemp and helping other farmers branch out into this excited new industry. Our team is highly experienced, with multiple years of combined knowledge and work in the cannabis industry, as well as industry leading connections across the U.S. We work as close with our farmers as we do our plants and have developed methods for growing that ensures successful grow seasons, every season. 

John Sieglinger

Hi, I'm John, acting CEO of All Natural Things Farm, LLC. I have over 10 years of experience in the cannabis industry, moving from North Carolina to experience the industry in Oregon, Colorado, and other states. I work with industry leaders, top plant varieties, and NC farmers to enact proven grow plans, and ensure purchasing and processing connections, helping broker and market plant material. 

Zak Derrar

Hey, I'm Zak, partner at Ant Natural Things, LLC. I have over 4 years experience cultivating cannabis along with a few years in sustainable, organic farming. I have successfully harvested over 50,000lbs of biomass with All Natural Things, as well as provided consultation for a 25 acre operation. 

Shane Kelly

Hello, I'm Shane, partner at All Natural Things, LLC.  I have over 3 years experience in the cannabis industry, helping cultivate over 60 acres of hemp resulting in over 50,000lbs of biomass with the All Natural Things.